TESS BAR & KITCHEN (bar & pub) TESS BAR & KITCHEN (bar & pub) THE RECKLESS SHOP (clothing) THE RECKLESS SHOP (clothing) VIVA REALTY real estate agency VIVA REALTY real estate agency Starting its job "VIVA REALTY" has set a goal to provide our clients only high quality services in the areas of buying , renting and selling real estate. In order to fulfill this purpose, the organization consolidated qualified, competent staff with extensive experience in this field. Thanks to this they will be able to quickly identify customer requirements and make Relevant to the proposal. We can clearly and correctly respond to any mutations both in the market, in consequence of which is the ... NATIONAL LIBRARY OF ARMENIA NATIONAL LIBRARY OF ARMENIA NLA is the largest repository of printed Armenian materials in the world. The first Armenian printed book “Urbatagirq” (Venice 1512-1513), the first periodical “Azdarar” (Madras 1794) and the first printed map “Hamatarats Ashkharhatsuyts” (Amsterdam 1695) are preserved in the National Library.The library’s collections as of 1 January 2012 counts more than 6,8 million item- books, magazines, newspapers, maps, posters, theses, notes, postcards, stamps, calendars, ... NATIONAL GALLERY OF ARMENIA NATIONAL GALLERY OF ARMENIA The National Gallery of Armenia is the country’s major art gallery. Its collection is displayed in 56 galleries, which allow the Gallery to tell the story of national visual arts, decorative-applied arts as well as world culture from ancient times to our days. In the galleries of European, Russian, Armenian and Oriental art the visitors are introduced to the art of Aivazovsky, Sarian, Kandinsky, Donatello and other distinguished artists. Moscow ZOO Moscow ZOO ELDORADO ELDORADO PATIO ART studio PATIO ART studio FIORI flowers saloon FIORI flowers saloon ZIGZAG salon ZIGZAG salon CROWNE PLAZA MINSK CROWNE PLAZA MINSK POKOMPAM.BY POKOMPAM.BY KIT store KIT store LANDSHAFT LANDSHAFT Garden establishment is a laborous and costy initiative and proper planning is required to save time and money. The garden and the house should be homogenious and a good design is bound to cover the imperfections and accentuate the advatages of the house and the landscape.We were the first to implement the garden design practice in the Armenian reality. ALMAC car rent ALMAC car rent SILVER SITY jewelry shop SILVER SITY jewelry shop DONSKAYA ZDRAVNICA recreation center DONSKAYA ZDRAVNICA recreation center FINCA BANK (Batumi) FINCA BANK (Batumi) SOFMAR shipping agency (Georgia) SOFMAR shipping agency (Georgia) The Sea Agency "Sofmar" has been established in the field of international transportation and has been developed in the following areas: sea and land transportation, container shipments around the world, rail transportation, oversized cargo transportation, customs clearance, port services, and shipping agency. TUMO center for creative technologies TUMO center for creative technologies ... MADATYAN psychological center MADATYAN psychological center KINDER BOOM  children s dental clinic KINDER BOOM children s dental clinic  “Kinder Boom” is the first specialized dental clinic for kids in Yerevan which provides fully dental services. Our main advantage is the individual approach to each child with the help of animator and children`s play hall. There is support of a child psychologist if required. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists, who can find approach to each child. “Kinder  Boom” children`s dental clinic is equipped with modern facilities and high quality materials. ... ARAX POULTRY FACTOR ARAX POULTRY FACTOR A2 LLC A2 LLC “A-2” LTD was established in May 1990 in the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan. Today “A-2” LTD is a dynamically developing company. The main direction of its activities is the design, production and warranty maintenance of electronic programmable devices on the basis of microprocessors and microcontrollers  intended for measuring, registration and control of the technological processes, as well as design of the devices in the field of telecommunication information technologies ... MOY TENDER free business area MOY TENDER free business area ASHOT GALSTYAN Smithy ASHOT GALSTYAN Smithy Folk master Ashot Galstyan founded his smithy in 1997.   Metal often surprises with its delicacy, especially when a real smith is engaged in it. Manual work of the blacksmith is of the highest quality and has a special beauty. Even doing simple things, the master invests his soul and works with love. STAGE  DANCE STUDIO STAGE DANCE STUDIO KALANTARYAN FAMILY /GT-AR GROUP  CJSC/ KALANTARYAN FAMILY /GT-AR GROUP CJSC/ "CASTROL" AND "LOTOS OIL"  EXCLUSIVE  REPRESENTATIVE  IN  ARMENIA Kalantaryan Family Company ("JT-AR GROUP" CJSC), being the only official representative of CASTROL and LOTOS in Armenia, is suggesting a great variety of high quality motor oils for 15 ( fifteen)  years. To the attention of definitive consumer and in order to  avoid fraud, look for only original CASTROL and LOTOS oils at shops, with special protective ribbon placed on the containers. The company cooperates ... M TEXTILE M TEXTILE Design Manufactory Design Manufactory Industrial loft interior design & decor HAYK OPTICS HAYK OPTICS VANILLA Natural Cosmetics VANILLA Natural Cosmetics Vanilla is producing cosmetics care products. Which is based on natural farm raw materials. Light Organic has a large assortment.Our basis are hand made, which makes us very proud. We are pleased to give you our warmth and care. Vanilla is against testing cosmetics on animals! We always test our products on ourselves first before it goes to the shelves of our stores. LX PRODUCTION LX PRODUCTION  LX Production, this is not just a good printinghause, among many other good ones. The servicese of ours  printing plant differ from similar offers in the Armenian market precisely because of the variety of varieties. LX PRODUCTION is not even a typography, but a symiosis of a design studio, an operativ press salon, an offset printing company, a souvenir company and an advertising agency with an appropriate level of service. Our prices, despite the highest level of service, are not at all ... RIMA TRAVEL RIMA TRAVEL Let’s discover Armenia “Noah’s land” with us… 1. Mount Ararat where Noah’s Ark have been landed on, becouse of it our land calls ‘’Noah’s land’', 2. Armenian brandy /wine,vodka/, 3. Armenian kitchen – traditional BBQ , dolma, khashlama, harisa, khash, gata, pakhlava, 4. Armenian traditional lavash, 5. Armenian fruites – apricot, pomegranate, grapes, peach, tute, fig, 6. Medical Waters, 7. Fresh air, 8. Armenian traditional musical instrument “DUDUK”, 9. Armenian national songs and dance, 10. The r ... MOBI TAXI MOBI TAXI