AVA MED  Centre for Health and Palliative Care
AVA MED Centre for Health and Palliative Care

The Centre is a full board institution rendering the whole spectrum of services related to palliative care. In addition to this, profound medical treatment can be provided in the Centre when necessary. The Center boasts a team of highly professional doctors, contemporary medical equipment, its own laboratory, comfortable wards, and a group of experienced cooks.

The Centre provides care and medical treatment of the highest quality. An individual approach is used at all times. Every newcomer undergoes an examination by a medical board and a personal doctor is appointed to him or her. This doctor ensures that the person under care is provided with all the necessary treatment and with everything he or she needs. We are also mindful of our international compatriots who come to us from all over the world longing for the native places, nature and people, and - why not? - for the exquisite Armenian cuisine.

 ✔ Therapeutic

 ✔ Cardiology

 ✔ Neurology

 ✔ Traumatic

 ✔ Psychiatric and kinesiological service

 ✔ Pain control therapy

 ✔ Symptomatic therapy

 ✔ Palliative treatment

 ✔ Detoxification therapy

 ✔ Comprehensive service for patients with oncological and non-oncological problems

 ✔ Full Care

 ✔ Psychological help for patient and his/her family

 ✔ Short-term and long-term care with medical supervision

 ✔ Rehabilitative care

 ✔ Full personal hygiene

 ✔ Personal diet

 ✔ Help in food intake

 ✔ All day communication with relatives and others services depending on need and preference

Armenia, Yerevan (city), Ezras Hasratyan St., 9/1 Building
(+37410) 208600, (+37410) 206800 (+37495) 206800, (+37496) 208601
Every day - 24 hours
The only licensed palliative centre
Doctors with foreign experience and training
Patients trust us
The quality of services
Personnel services
Affordable prices
Variety of services