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Please read this information attentively. Your purchase or use of the service assumes that you have read and accepted these terms.




Website TopFinding.com (hereinafter the "Website") carries out objective work on the preparation

and placement of information, it is also consistent in the issue of ensuring the reliability

of the information posted by companies performing registration,

however, misunderstandings are sometimes possible.


We cannot guarantee that the information available on the Website is accurate, relevant,

thus, there is a need to inform you that the Website (owned by FITCHOISE LLC) shall not bear

any responsibility for possible misunderstandings, inaccuracies, and for their potential consequences. 

Before using any service, we recommend agreeing all the conditions with this company.

There may be active links to other platforms on the pages of companies on the Website,

and the Site shall not be responsible for the content and possible consequences of these links.





 The Website offers 4 packages for companies to register, create, and manage their own page.

Changes to the package are not possible, except for an additional fee, which is calculated by the Website.

Page Management, TF Card Team
You may introduce changes on your page according to the capabilities of the selected package.

You may join the TF Card Team, which envisage the provision of a real discount for at least 1 type of cash product/service.

We strongly ask you to publish, report about the provided discount/discounts on the Website on the sub-page of your TF Card page.


Errors, Corrections, and Changes

Despite ongoing efforts on improvements, we do not guarantee that the Website will be free of errors

and/or other malicious components or that all problems will be fixed.

We may introduce changes to the functions and content on the Website from time to time.

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change or remove any information that does not meet the standards of the Website.

Such information may include materials containing pornography, violence, inaccurate information, and/or other content.


Confirmation and Payment

You shall guarantee that by purchasing our service you shall provide

accurate information about a bank card, company's activities, and contacts.

You shall agree to pay for the services in accordance with the price list of the Website.


We would like to inform you that payments made through the Site platform are non-refundable, so be careful when making payments.




All rights to TF CARD are owned to the Website.

In accordance with the agreement between the Website and partner companies,

TF Card holders may take advantage of various discounts.

We would like to inform you that some companies with probable reasonable or

dishonest arguments may not provide discounts, thus we consider it appropriate in such cases

to inform us about it via e-mail help@topfinding.com.


Companies that refuse to provide discounts will be immediately removed from the list of partners.


We would like to inform you that payments made through the Site platform are non-refundable, so be careful when making payments.

We should also add that in the case of problems between partner companies

and a TF Card holder, the Website should not bear any responsibility.

By making a purchase/placing an order on the Website, you shall provide accurate data and agree to the conditions stated.


The list of TF Card partners may be found on the page of the TF Card Team Website.


The Website is entitled at its own discretion to make any change in the User Terms and Conditions without notice.


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